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I have recently completed a workbook with CBT pioneer John Ludgate. The focus is on the stresses that may come while working as a helping professional and how to use CBT strategies to effectively take care of yourself while doing this challenging work. The book is published by PESI Publishing & Media. Here’s a link to information about the workbook. Click here for a link to my author page on Amazon.

I enjoy writing and have published over 175 articles in magazines and newspapers.

Here is an article I wrote about the DSM-5 that was published in Psychotherapy Networker in the March/April 2014 edition.

Click here for a link to an article I wrote in The New Social Worker about the new DSM-5.

I am coauthor of a chapter called “Treating Patients with Substance Abuse Issues in Integrated Care” in the book Integrated Care: Applying Theory to Practice, published in March 2012. Read about this book here.

Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote for PESI on the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study. This is about the impact of childhood trauma throughout adulthood. I think this information is compelling and should lead us to take action to intervene and prevent childhood trauma.

And here’s a link to a blog post written for www.goodtherapy.org that talks about PTSD and how treatable it is.

Read the article “Pros and Cons of DSM-5: What’s All the Fuss About?” from Family Therapy Magazine March/April 2015.

Read the article “Checklist: MFTs in Small Practice Integrated Healthcare” from Family Therapy Magazine July/August 2011.

Read the article “Compassion Fatigue in Katrina’s Wake” from Family Therapy Magazine March/April 2007.