Almost exactly 7 years after Hurricane Katrina walloped the Gulf Coast, residents once again are preparing for a hit. This time the uninvited guest is named Isaac, and while not as feared as Katrina, those in his forecasted path may experience similar anxieties to those felt during Katrina.

 People who have experienced disasters from a front row seat often carry deep rooted memories of the fear and apprehension they experienced. This can range from mild jittery feelings to panic and dread. Uncertainty about what will happen feeds anxiety and stokes nervousness.

 Common reactions to a severe storm forecast may include fatigue, sleep changes, difficulty making decisions, irritability, and anxiety.

 There are several things that may help while waiting to see what weather develops: getting adequate rest, assuring a family safety plan, taking practical steps to provide for your family, practicing patience, and making sure that you eat well and drink plenty of fluids.

 Preparing for Isaac’s arrival doesn’t mean that residents should give in to fear and anxiety. The advance notice may allow time to prepare, both physically and emotionally.

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