Psychotherapy Networker has released the latest edition of its webinar series. I am pleased to be a part of their focus on the impact of the DSM-5 on the practice of therapy. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th edition, has created a lot of buzz among mental health professionals, and Psychotherapy Networker has developed this tool to help people better understand how to use the new diagnostic manual.

Editor Rich Simon interviewed six people to get their impressions of the manual, and then compiled those conversations into a package that gives solid, current information about the changes in mental health diagnosis.

You can click on this link to read all about the webinar series they’re calling “The Uproar Over DSM-5: How the New Standards Affect Your Practice”. My segment is called “Navigating the New DSM-5:¬†Ten Ways it will Impact Your Practice”.

Hats off to Rich Simon and Psychotherapy Networker for being on the cutting edge of spreading the word about this significant publication.

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